Introduction to The Wingman "Foundations" Course

Thank you so much for your interest in downloading my brand new guide, "What Your Wife Really Wants And Why". So many men are where you are right now. My wife has transformed from coaching – now what?

In just a few minutes, you’ll have "My first 5 Crucial Truths" from almost 20 years of exposure to things I’ve heard your wife say she wants. I’ll also share where to start. These are proven truths & exact strategies from part of my "Wingman Method Program" that will help you change and improve your life & marriage. This is just one small part of this life changing program.

Most men eventually settle into comfort and then soon realize they’ve lost their edge, they’ve lost their drive, they’ve lost their energy & now they no longer set goals. Why? Well, if you’re like most men then you’ve either been beaten down for years by life OR you’ve created a successful and comfy life. Either way tho, you’re feeling like there’s MORE out there for you.

There’s an analogy I share with gals just like your wife who have transformed from coaching. It explains where their husband is right now – playing comfortable.

Your wife is deep sea diving in open waters, swimming with sharks and dolphins. She’s living “the life” with all the fancy new tools she’s acquired from her coaching. Where are you? Well you my friend are on the beach, toes in the sand and avoiding the water. I don’t expect you to jump in and swim with sharks but let’s get you into the water. What’s the water? The water is the tools only to be found through coaching.

If your wife has transformed with a certified LCS (Life Coach School) Coach then not every coach out there will work for you IF part of your goal is to reconnect and strengthen your relationship with your wife. Why? Well there is a very unique “language” spoken based on the tools she has acquired with her LCS Coach. I’ll explain more later…but trust me for now.

So with the right guidance and support, you can experience an entirely new way to stay "blissfully dissatisfied" with your accomplishments and desired goals. I’ll help you design what is called “Your Good Ole Days”, which is living the exceptional life, a life where you wake every morning grateful to be alive, excited about the future, and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Unlike most alpha style coaching, the price to your success is not what you think – grind grind grind. It’s a life you design that can be blissful now while you stay dissatisfied in the pursuit of progress. I always say, “Progress Creates Happiness” and it’s so true! It all starts with a single step, and soon enough you’ll have a great place to start…My First 5 will be waiting for you in your inbox.

To download your guide while it’s available, submit your name and best email address into the form provided. There’s more to come…so be on the lookout.

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