My Name is Glenn Lovelace...I'm a lot Like You.

Men call me their "Wingman". The gals, well they're calling me "the ultimatum coach."

It wasn’t very long ago that I was emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally and even financially feeling bankrupt. I’ve lost a house after an expensive lawsuit. I soon lost my primary source of income. I wasn’t worth much in my head and to myself. At my lowest point I wanted to "end it and be done". I’ve battled through addictions. I’ve overcome countless injuries and surgeries. I had a lot of regret from the past and a lot of fear of the future. I quit a lot. I’d be willing to bet as a man, husband and father that we have a LOT in common.

In 2017 I lost some weight and won $100k losing weight in a 12 week online challenge. My degree ironically is from BYU’s "School of Family Life". I’ve coached over 3,000 online business owners over 10 years. When I won the challenge in 2017 I began helping men to reclaim their health. I’ve since bridged progress in health and business back to where our success as men is most important – the walls of our homes.

David O McKay said, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home."

Aside from my degree, winning a challenge and coaching 1000’s, my own personal transformation continues to be a model for others to create success their way. I am certified with the prestigious Life Coach School run by Brooke Castillo. I continue to invest in coaching personally and for my business. I am a living and continued example of what’s possible. I’m here to save you time and help you accelerate your progress.

A few years back my clients would say things like, "dude you’re like my wingman" or "bro, you’re like HITCH but for my entire life." The "wingman" nickname was adopted and it serves as a reminder that as brothers, this is EXACTLY what we’re here to do, help each other "go for it." Whatever your "BIG IT" is, I want you to know your time is NOW, right now. I know you’re tired of waiting. I’m tired for you — I’ve been there – stuck and waiting for God to just tell me what to do.

Gals like your wife have had some amazing experiences with coaching. They’re out deep sea diving, swimming with sharks and living life by on new terms. These gals look back for their other half only to find that you’re sitting on the beach, in your comfort. They want you to join them in the water. Often these gals are giving their husbands "ultimatum’s". Most of these gals simply want you to make some progress so you guys can reconnect in the marriage and play life by the same "Set of Rules" with the tools they’ve acquired. "Speaking the Same Language" is crucial to the survival and thriving of your marriage which has a huge impact on your health and finances. It’s "cheaper to keep’her" gentlemen. Let’s help you catch up. It’s a lot more rewarding than you can imagine right now but I’m here to help you.

While I’m still a lot like you in more ways than you know and figuring out life ONE DAY at a time I’ve got some powerful tools, lessons, and programs that will accelerate your SUCCESS in and out of your home. Perhaps the best news is that I can show you how to grind less and enjoy it more along the way.

Click the link – let’s get you scheduled. It’s your turn…

glenn lovelace portrait

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